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About Swigg Real Wine, Craft Beer, and Spirits in Wilmington, DE 19803

Swigg is a curated bottle shop highlighting the wines, beers, and spirits of independent producers and importers. Our mission is to provide the most authentic products at affordable prices, while providing professional, friendly, and expert service to our guests. We also strive to create an engaging, non-pretentious in-store experience. Our wines are held at proper temperature to ensure you’re drinking them at their best.

Dave Govatos - Owner

For nearly two decades, David has dedicated himself to the wine and spirits industry. He has worked every tier of the supply chain, whether supervising large and small retail outlets, or developing territories for wholesalers and importers. In 2015, David opened Swigg, a curated wine and spirits shop at Independence Mall in Wilmington, Delaware

A writer and vinyl enthusiast, David has deep appreciation for composition, and those feelings carry over to how he buys wine for the shop. At Swigg, he highlights producers that practice “farm-to-glass,” whose wines are made with minimal intervention and truly show a sense of place, or “terroir.”

A husband and father of two young children, David lives in Wilmington and is excited to bring a very special collection of wines to his town. From affordable and reliable standbys, to new and exciting wines from all over the globe, David’s goal is to present a smart selection of enjoyable wines for any palate.

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