Woolpack Sauvignon Blanc

Size 750ml


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“The nose is bright, punchy, and rich with dried herbs and concentrated super ripe citrus to the fore. A twist of minerality and a sniff of flintlock show that at least some of the fruit in this wine comes from Blind River, a sub region of the Awatere Valley. Once In the mouth, everything about the nose comes to life on the palate. The fresh, even zingy attack is at once balanced by the richness of an almost creamy, lightly spiced, aromatic lemon tart. The mid palate is broad but retains the wine’s freshness at the same time as introducing a textural minerality that segways into a finish that is beautifully balanced, juicy and very very long, which will hopefully have you reaching for a refill. This wine is both rich and light, powerful and elegant, whilst all the while being classic modern Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.” – Importer

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New Zealand




sauvignon blanc

Size 750ml
Philosophy conventional
Producer barker’s marque


Color white
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