Domaine Ilarria, Irouleguy Rosé, 2019


Domaine Ilarria, Irouleguy Rosé, 2019

Irouleguy is a small appellation in the Basque foothills of the Pyrenées. Traditionally the appellations has controlled by large co-ops, but over the years small growers such as Domaine Illarria have emerged. Domaine Ilarria currently occupies 10 hectares of vines around the village of Iroulegay, close to the Spanish boarder.

Because of the extreme landscape, all aspects of cultivation are conducted by hand, and allows the winery to operate in as natural way as possible. All fermentations use indigenous yeast and no other chemical intervention is used in production. In addition, according to the winery “We only sulfite our wines slightly, or not at all when it comes to our sulfur-free cuvée.”

The 2019 Irouleguy Rosé, is a blend of Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon and is absolutely singing right now. In the glass the wine displays rich ripe notes of red cherry and wild strawberry with slight hints of melon and an herbal-y back note.

  • Country: France
  • Composition: Tannat, Cabernet

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