$9 Country White, Miles Davis & Octopus

I throw some Miles Davis on the record player this afternoon, “Stella by Starlight,” and peer out Swigg’s large bay windows. I know Autumn is sauntering in as I draw the curtains to impede the limbo-ing light, that is insidiously tip toe-ing lower and lower upon the sills.

These pre-Fall afternoons have a womb like stillness to them, and the lower arching light twirls and tangos between trees and houses, nature’s candle box, casting a world of shadow and light that complement Miles’s slow sultry trumpet notes.

This is grilling weather at it’s finest, and I’m in the mood for octopus. Swigg just received another shipment of Domaine des Cassagnoles, Côtes de Gascogne blanc, so I know exactly what I will be drinking with my tasty cephalopod. A blend of Colombard, Ugni Blanc and Gros Manseng, Domaine des Cassagnoles, Côtes de Gascogne Blanc has always been in the unofficial Hall of Fame of great wine values, a savior for broke, thirsty wine professionals. In the glass, the wine is radiant with light green and soft yellow inflections that capture the glowing edges of light between the falling leaves on this picturesque afternoon. On the nose the wine displays pithy citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon intermingled with savory green apple notes. Secondary aromas of mountain herbs, white flowers and subtle hints of mint quickly follow.

Miles Davis, Grilled Octopus and Domaine des Cassagnoles, Côtes de Gascogne Blanc…I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the last light of summer.

-David Govatos

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